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Innovative Fishing Equipment

I Fish Easy Rod Assistant

Innovative Fishing Products.

Innovative Fishing Equipment (IFE) design and build new concepts in fishing gear.  Modern and cleverly designed to help fishers have an even better time when out fishing. IFE use the very latest in technology and plastics manufacturing techniques to make sure of long lasting, high performance fishing equipment. 

IFE products are designed and built in New Zealand, by New  Zealanders and make your fishing easier, less tiring and more productive. Decades of fishing, and running a fishing boat charter business means the products we make really are designed from experience and with good fishing in mind.  

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RodAssista fishing rod equipment
The Rodassista - Fishing Rod Holder.

The RodAssista is a very clever idea, it’s simplicity belying it’s true value. It’s a comfortable to wear fishing harness or belt designed to hold the fishing rod in just the right place to free up your hands and also for you to control the fishing rod with more finesse. The RodAssista makes baiting  hooks much easier and makes long periods fishing much less tiring. It’s built in spring-loaded mechanism takes the weight of the rod, great for the young fisher. 

With the Rodassista you can concentrate on catching fish! 

Fish Saver Bin
The FishSaver Fish Processing Bin

The FishSaver Bin is a truly great idea. Designed to help organise the way you deal with your catch. Fish waiting to be sized are kept alive in a salt water bin while larger fish are kept in an iced water bin for filleting on the especially made accessory fish filleting board. A fish measuring clip-on and a bait holder add to the usefulness. The FishSaver really helps to organise things on the boat, especially when you are catching lots of fish in a short period.

The FishSaver Bin saves fish, save mess, saves time!

IFE PU Thimbles
IFE PU Thimbles

The IFE PU Thimbles are produced using UV Resistant Advanced TPU Polymer Technology.
One of the many reasons polyurethanes are used is their excellent wear resistance, outperforming steel at times as high as 8 to 1. For this reason they have been used in the mining, fishing and transportation industries, as well as in many other industries. Rope friendly, vessel friendly, UV resistant, corrosion free, super smooth and hardwearing.

IFE PU Thimbles really are superior to anything else on the market!