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“Hi, thanks to the team at innovative fishing equipment for coming up with a cool gadget they call the RodAssista.

I fish regularly in the canals for salmon and trout and Kahawai and elephant and rig fish on the beach on the Canterbury coast.

This thing is amazing it is like an extra hand, when following a fish on the line at the canals it allows 1 hand free to be able to walk around on the rocks and frees up a hand when netting a fish. At the beach it saves having to have a spike driven and allows you too freely move down the beach with the set.

I am in the older bracket and found fishing hard, this RodAssista has been a game changer for me… strap it on and wear it all day, really comfy and doesn’t impede on wearing my life jacket.

Keep up the good work guys you have changed my life, now my wife wants one…!! “



“Hello to the team at Innovative Fishing Equipment.

I would just like to say I recently bought one of your RodAssistas and a FishSaver bin for my 40ft Launch and finally went out to try them both the other weekend, the RodAssista was brilliant, I am in the 60+ age bracket and man did it make a difference to how long I could fish for.

I thought it might make some difference, but it was far better than I thought it would be, managed to fish all day chasing Kingy’s and Snapper without a sore back that night or next day. It was also brilliant having my hands free when removing the fish from the hook and re-baiting, stopped me hitting my mate in the head with the end of the rod, he was bloody impressed.

Tried out the FishSaver bin to, I love this product all your fish and filleting gear in one place and keeps it real tidy on the boat with the bait box as well superfast filleting of the fish and clean up at the end of the day, even kept a few tinny’s cold in the bottom bin, great product that really reduced the clean-up time on the boat and meant we weren’t tripping over old fish bins, which is normally the case.

Thanks Folks and would highly recommend these products to anyone with a love for fishing. “

Blenheim, Marlborough

Rod Assista - Making fishing easier.
Fish Saver Bin -Keep your catch organised while on-board.