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Fishing Tips & Videos

Fishing from the beach is a loved method by many and the RodAssista  fishing rod holder/harness is a fantastic tool to help you out! You can easily bait up whilst not holding the rod, cast and then position the rod in the comfortable-to-wear RodAssista and start getting your ‘FISH ON’! Take a look at how fishing just became so much easier

If you want to know a quick way to tie on your Sinker & Hooks, plus hear some other awesome tips then check out this video!

Sick of kicking buckets around the boat? Want to get on with catching while your hot but have to stop to measure and release to ensure catch stays alive? Need somewhere to fillet that keeps the mess in one place and is super easy to clean! Well here it is! The one stop bin for all the above. Handy piece of equipment for any boat. You can keep your fish alive in the top until able to measure. Once ready, measure and if up to size, they can slide down into ice below OR, if not, you can put them back into the Ocean! Bait in bait bucket on side. When ready to fillet, Move your catch back to top bin, slide your hand in the side whole, straight onto board. Fillet away. Mess into side bucket, fillet slides into bottom section with clean water. Once done, hose it down and JOB DONE!!!!

A video showing how awkward and tiring it can be for the young trying to manage a fishing rod. The RodAssista is an enormous  help, giving greatly improved control of the rod and making it much more likely to catch a fish!

Brian showing all the many features of the new Fish Saver Bin, something that is really needed on any boat where fishing is the name of the game. 

Brian demonstrating the use, features and benefits of the RodAssista, a new and innovative solution  to managing a fishing rod. Enjoy your fishing even more and catch more fish! 

A detailed instructional video on using the Rod Assista. This product really is a solution to the problems of handling a bigger fishing rod, allowing much improved control, and less tiring for long periods of catching fish 🙂

Sustain the Strain!

An audio recording of an interview, describing the birth of the RodAssista

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