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Great news from IFE! Sales of our Rodassista are soaring and due to this we have been able increase the quantity we are having manufactured. This gives us a far better price from the manufacturers and reduces costs right across the board. IFE have decided to pass these savings onto you our customers. (Unheard of in this climate but… we value you!). Check out the new pricing and remember, it includes free freight!


As you might know, we are just back from the Auckland Hutch Wilco Boat Show which was held over the weekend just past. We had a lot of interest from the public, especially for the IFE RodAssista so we are continuing the $39 coupon code “show” discount but just until the 15th of June.

Be in quick and grab one of these new fishing “must-haves”!

We’ll have more news and up-coming events posted here shortly, meanwhile check out the videos from the show and visit our Facebook page (be sure to Like!)

IFE at the Auckland Boat Show
IFE at the Auckland Hutch Wilco Boat Show May 2022
The gang at the Auckland Boat Show
The IFE gang at the Auckland Boat Show 2022
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